Happy 30th Birthday Fuji Spray!

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30 Years of Excellence!

Fuji Spray has designed and built HVLP Spray Systems since 1986. For three decades, Fuji has set the standard for the industry. 30 years of being a leader in HVLP paint spraying equipment. 30 years of improved technology and outstanding service. 30 years of superb finish and ultimate control! 30 years of excellence!

Blast from the PastFS History - systems

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Fuji Spray has gone PLATINUM™

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New & Improved!

Fuji Spray is the leader in the Spray Finishing Market. Fuji Spray is constantly looking to improve their products and deliver only the best to the end users.

Fuji Spray introduced major upgrades to their turbines with the launch of the Q5 PLATINUM™ and Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Turbines. These improvements were designed to lengthen the motor life of the turbine.

Following in the footsteps of the 5-stage launch, these enhancements have been installed to all ...

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Spray Finishing Workshop 2016

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Knowledge is Power!

Fuji Spray’s – Spray Finishing Workshop 2016!

Our Company is a true believer that knowledge is power.  We really encourage interaction with those who are experienced and have been in the industry for years.

Join us on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 from 9am-5pm in Toronto for a “Hands-On” Spray Finishing Workshop!

Learn all the tips, tricks and fundamentals of spray finishing with a highly experienced spray finisher and woodworker – Marty Schlosser.

Marty is an avid woodworker who designs, crafts and finishes ...

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Spray Finishing Cart

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Picture this…a versatile cart with storage unit that can also house and protect your Fuji Spray System.

Sounds GREAT…Right?  Definitely something ideal for any shop but where could you get one?

Why not make one?

Marty Schlosser Kingston, Ontario did not only do that, but shared his designs with us.

The Spray Finishing Cart showcases some useful features.

1 DSCN3137 (5)

  • The spacious top provides a great work ...
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The Care Package

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Valentine’s Day is coming up…Are you ready?

You don’t want to wake up last minute and completely forget to do something romantic for “You Know Who”!

YOU MUST CLICK HERE to watch the “The Care Package” video.

Love is in the air, especially for your Turbine.

CLICK HERE NOW to view our 60sec Video!

Practice Safe Spraying!

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Variable Speed Controller Dial

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Q5 Platinum™ Variable Speed Controller Dial

The Variable Speed Controller is assembled on the Fuji Spray Q5 Platinum™ Turbine.

This model was introduced in 2015 and this blog describes the best way to use this new feature.

What is a Variable Speed Controller Dial?

VSC Dial

The user now has the ability to adjust the psi/cfm to the optimum needed to perfectly atomize the materials being sprayed, while also reducing over-spray to a minimum.

To decrease air ...

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Enter to Win A PaintWIZ System TODAY!

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Tis’ the Holiday Season and Fuji Spray wants to give back in a very big way!

Enter to Win 1 of 5 PaintWIZ™ Paint Spraying Systems available every week until December 31st, 2015.

Earlier this month Fuji Spray announced a new division designed for the Home User/DIYer with the launch of PaintWIZ™

Who and What is PaintWIZ™

PaintWIZ™ is a division of privately held Canadian corporation Fuji industrial Spray Equipment Ltd. (Fuji Spray®)

Fuji Spray specializes in the design, manufacture, export and distribution of high ...

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PaintWIZ™…For Your Home!

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Thank you to all our customers who have sent in many requests over the years. Fuji Spray has responded to you with the launch of our new brand PaintWIZ™.

PaintWIZ™ has been introduced to the market to meet the needs of the home user for every day DIY needs.

2 New Systems!

Customers have the choice between a Handheld Sprayer as well as Turbine System!

Both systems will set up within minutes and clean up in less time compared with brushes and ...

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Powerful and Portable! Mini-Mite 5 PLATINUM!

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Fuji Spray Launches a New Addition to the 5-Stage and PLATINUM™ family!

Welcome Mini-Mite™ 5 PLATINUM!

2905 T70 MM5 for web

What’s new in the Mini-Mite PLATINUM Series?

The Mini-Mite Series™ has become a real favorite with cabinet makers and professionals. With that in mind Fuji Spray has made something great even better. New and amazing features were developed and added to the Mini-Mite Series™

The Fuji Spray Heat Dissipation Box™

Fuji ...

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