You Tube Video

Check out this amazing video.  From old to new… The entire job took approximately one hour to complete. All with a FUJI!

Antique Table

Before and After…All done with a FUJI!

Cleaning Video

Cleaning your Fuji HVLP Spray Gun is as easy as 1-2-3.

How to Use a HVLP Fuji Spray Gun

Learn how to set-up, operate and clean an HVLP Fuji Spray Gun.

Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Build-A-Thon

On September 4th Fuji Spray was proud and honored to be part of The Wood Whisperer‘s Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Build-A-Thon. If you missed..see it here!

HVLP Sprayer Techniques for Your Woodshop

WoodWokers Guild of America

If you’re making woodworking projects, you need to put finish on them. This may have you interested in an HVLP sprayer for your shop. HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayers have really advanced in recent years. One of the largest benefits of HVLP is the limited overspray you get when using them.

MPX-30 Mid-Pressure Compressor Spray Gun

The Spray Gun that does it All!

MPX-30 Technology combines Rapid Application and Higher Transfer Efficiency. Perfect for any type of Professional Spray Finishing