Parts and Accessories



 Fuji Spray® Cups

A variety of cups are available, including:

2042---1-Quart-Cup-Assembly for web

  • #2041 1QT Aluminum Cup
  • #2041T 1QT Aluminum Cup Teflon Coated
  • #2042 1QT Aluminum Cup Assembly
  • #9730 3oz Gravity Cup Assembly – T-Model™
  • #9740 400cc Gravity Cup Assembly – T-Model™
  • #9760 600cc Aluminum Gravity Cup Assembly – T-Model™
  • #9775 1000cc Gravity Cup Assembly – T-Model™
  • #9080 250cc Mini Cup Assembly plus 2 extra cups
  • #9850 400cc Gravity Cup Side Mounted GXPC
  • #9860 600cc Nylon Gravity Cup Assembly T-Model™

2 Qt. Pressure Pot Assembly Kit #5432

5432 2Qt. Pressure Pot Assembly Kit for web

This Kit has everything you need to add additional material capacity using your 4 or 5-stage Fuji Spray® HVLP System. Features include:

  • Twice as much material capacity than your bottom feed spray gun, and more than three times the capacity of your gravity feed spray gun
  • Specially designed pot, lid, and adapter
  • Ability to spray at any angle, including upside down
  • Smaller profile to reach tight corners

PLEASE NOTE: You will need both a standard 25ft hose plus a 6ft. whip hose in order to use your Fuji Spray® 2 Qt. Pressure Pot. If you are using model 9600-G G-XPC spray gun, you will also need a 9060 L-Fitting.

Gravity Cup Conversion Kit #9960

Fuji Gravity Cup Conversion Kit

This conversion kit allows any Fuji Spray® bottom feed gun to be converted to a gravity style. It includes a 400cc aluminum gravity cup, stainless steel U-tube, and pressure tube with check valve.



Mini 3oz Gravity Cup #9730 for T-75G ONLY

9730 3 oz cup w pressure tube T-Series for web

The mini 3oz Gravity Cup was designed to meet the need for a small touch-up gravity cup for use in the automotive field. This cup can be used with the Fuji Spray® T-75G gravity spray gun and is perfect for spraying smaller items or daily touch-ups works. The 9730 model (as shown) is pressurized and comes with a pressure tube. This cup features a screw-on lid with a rubber gasket.

PLEASE NOTE: For the side-mounted G-XPC, please refer to part #8080. The #8080 is a Mini 3oz gravity cup for the side-mounted G-XPC spray gun ONLY.

Mini 3-Cup Set #9080

Fuji Mini 3-Cup Set

This complete 250cc (8oz) mini cup assembly includes 2 extra cups and 3 heavy-duty lids, equipped with gaskets. This assembly is lightweight, taking the weight off the wrist. The small cup size allows access to confined areas such as cabinets interiors and bookshelves. Great for storing paints and stains, and touch-up work. This 3-Cup Set has been popular with the fine instrument and automotive touchup industries.

PLEASE NOTE: This cup assembly can be used with the Fuji Spray®  XPC spray gun as well as the T-Model™, but is not practical for spraying larger pieces.

 Caps for Cups #9903-3

Fuji Caps for Cups

This set of 3 plastic lids will fit any Fuji Spray® 1 Qt bottom feed cup, and it’s handy for storing paints.



16124 3M™ PPS Type H/O 28oz Large Pressure Cup

The 3M™ PPS H/O Cup & Collar is a pressurized (high output) hard cup and collar set that supports and holds the 3M™ PPS flexible liner used in the 3M™ Paint Preparation System. This product is intended for use in place of metal cups on most pressure spray guns.

3M™ PPS Large Kit #16024

The 3M™ PPS Large Kit contains 25 lids with micron filters, 25 liners (28oz), and 10 sealing plugs for use with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System. It’s an all-in-one painting system that allows painters to mix/measure, filter, spray (in any direction) and temporarily store coating materials. PPS disposable lids contain a welded-in filter which strains the paint material while spraying.The 3M PPS Large Kit is used in combination with the 3M™ PPS Type H/O 28oz Large Pressure Cup above’


3M™ PPS Type H/O 6oz Mini Pressure Cup #16121

The 3M™ PPS H/O Cup & Collar is a pressurized (high output) hard cup and collar set that supports and holds the 3M PPS flexible liner used in the 3M™ Paint Preparation System. This product is intended for use in place of metal cups on most pressure spray guns.

16114 3M™ PPS Mini Size Kit

The 3M™ PPS Mini Kit includes 50 Mini size lids with welded-in filters, 50 liners (6oz) and 20 sealing plugs. As part of the 3M™ PPS system, this kit allows you to measure, mix, filter and spray with ease.The 3M PPS Mini Kit is used in combination with the 3M™ PPS Type H/O 6oz Mini Pressure Cup above.







Air cap sets

Please review the Fuji Spray® Quick Reference Sheet to help you with your air cap set selection.

If you own the T-Model™, please check the part numbers in your user manual (5100 series).
If you own the M-Model™, please check the part numbers in your user manual (7020 series).
If you own the G-XPC/XPC, please check the part numbers in your user manual (8050 series).
If you own an older XT or GT-X, please check the part numbers in your user manual(9001series)





Gravity Feed Gun Holder Stand #5330

5530 Gun Stand with Gun web

This 2 piece gravity feed gun holder allows the user to fill a gravity feed spray gun without assistance. Rest your Fuji Spray® gravity spray gun while you are refilling the cup or in-between coats. This gun holder also fits other standard-size center-mounted gravity feed spray guns.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not compatible with the 9600-G and the 7002G spray gun. It is also not compatible with other side-mounted spray guns.

Handy Gun Holder #7095

7095 Gun Holder

The same handy gun holder that is used on our turbines for your spray gun can be used as a bench mount gun holder. This item can be used with most HVLP turbine spray guns.  Just attach to any bench or shelf and easily rest your spray gun when not in use or when filling your cup.


6ft Flexible Whip Hose #2049F

This lightweight hose is highly flexible, and reduces user fatique, with the flexibility allowing for effortless maneuverability of the spray gun. The couplings are made from a glass fiber-reinforced polymer. An added benefit is that the air through the spray gun is not as hot (due to the fact the spray gun is now 6ft further from the turbine). This often alleviates problems with fast-drying lacquers (and latex house paint) drying too quickly.
PLEASE NOTE: This hose cannot be connected directly to the turbine – it is an extension hose and must only be connected to the end of the standard 25ft hose.

Please Note 6ft Flexible Hose is also available in Black #2268

Extra 25ft Hose #7049

The Fuji Hi-Flex™hose includes a kink free spring to prevent bending and obstructions. Solid plastic hoses typical with most HVLP turbine systems are hard and stiff making the spray gun difficult to maneuver. The Hi-Flex™ hose is not only flexible at different temperatures, it will stay flexible over the years. This hose also includes quick-connect coupling and air control valve.

Please Note this hose is also available in Black #9049



Heat Hose 3ft #7055

3’ Heat Hose is heavy duty and reduces heat.
Recommended accessory when upgrading from 2 or 3 stage turbines to 4 or 5 stage turbines while using the original hose.
Installed between the turbine air outlet and the standard hose.
Fits most standard HVLP turbines.


Paint Strainer #9044-5

This inexpensive nylon strainer fits at the end of the metal fluid pick up tube on bottom feed spray guns. Durable and long-lasting, it can be soaked in thinner to clean. Available in packs of 5


Cup Parts Kit #2039

Fuji Cup Parts KitThis kit includes wearable parts that you should always have on hand. Compatible with all Fuji bottom feed spray guns. Older Fuji Spray® cups with the black-colored lid can be converted to use the 2038 plastic diaphragm. We have found that when using this diaphragm in combination with the 2024 pressure tube/check valve, there is very little chance of paint backflow. This kit includes 2036 gaskets.  All the parts shown in the kit can be ordered separately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own a gravity cup,  refer to one of the following gravity cup parts kits:
– For the aluminum 600cc gravity cup, please order part # 2060 (600cc/1000cc gravity cup parts kit)
– For the 400cc gravity cup, please order part # 2030 (400cc gravity cup parts kit)

Pressure Tube/Check Valves #2024-5

Fuji Pressure Tube/Check Valves

These pressure tubes and check valves can be used with any Fuji Spray® 1 Qt cup spray gun, and are available in packs of 5. These tubes also fit older Fuji Spray® spray guns. If clogged, the check valve cannot be taken apart but they can be soaked in thinner for up to 30 minutes to free any blockage.

PLEASE NOTE: For the gravity cup, refer to 2024L-5 pressure tube-long.

#2036-5 Cup Gaskets

Fuji Cup Gaskets

The diaphragm 2038 must be used with these gaskets. Available in packs of 5.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own a gravity cup, refer to one of the following gravity gaskets:
– For the aluminum 600cc gravity cup, please order part # 9720-5 (600cc/1000cc gravity cup gaskets)
– For the 400cc gravity cup, please order part # 9050-5 (400cc gravity cup gaskets)

Please Note: Nylon cups do not require gaskets.

#2038 – Plastic Diaphragms

Fuji Plastic DiaphragmsTough and durable, the bottom feed diaphragms can last months, even years if care is taken when sliding them down the metal pickup tube. To remove them from the cup, grab the tab. The air hole in the diaphragm should be positioned at the rear of the cup, towards the handle, unless you intend to spray upwards for any length of time. For spraying upwards, position the hole in the diaphragm towards the front of the spray gun. The idea is to keep the hole out of the finish as much as possible. These diaphragms, in combination with the pressure tube/check valve, cure the problem of finish entering the air passage.

DIY-PRO Series & previous models Mini-Mite Turbine Filter #4009-2

The turbine filters fit the Semi-PRO 2™, Hobby-PRO 2™, and previous Mini-Mite™ Model turbines.
– Dual filtration
– Quick change filters
– Fine filters on the left hand side (as seen when looking at front of the case), coarse filter on right-hand side
PLEASE NOTE: These Filters will not fit the Super Model or Q Model, or Platinum Models.


Filters for Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ ONLY #7224-2

These turbine filters fit the Mini-Mite PLATINUM™ Turbines only and are available in a 2-pack.
– They have the shape of a semi-circle, rather than a square.
– Dual filtration
– Quick change filters
– High capacity open pore technology filters dust and particles while maintaining excellent airflow
PLEASE NOTE: For previous model square-shape Mini-Mite filters, please see above part #4009-2.

Q-Turbine Filter #5029

This turbine filter fits all Q-Series™ turbines.
– Reticulated Polyurethane foam filter
– Quick change friction fit
– Porous material offering amazing breathability
– Designed for optimal air ventilation, while trapping dust particles within the cell structure

PLEASE NOTE: The turbine does not have to be taken apart to remove or replace the filter. This filter is a friction fit, and can be replaced in seconds.







Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Lubricant #3100

3100 19pc cleaning kit for web

This complete 19pc spray gun cleaning & maintenance kit with lubricant is designed for all types of spray guns. It includes an extra-long 12″ pick-up tube brush, HVLP brush, body cavity brush, detail end brush, nylon bristle parts brush, 5-pc. micro brush set, 6-pc. precision needle set, and spray gun lubricant.


Wireless Turbine Remote #3072

3072 Wireless Remote for web

Use this turbine remote to allow you to control the on/off of your turbine. There is no need to walk back and forth to your turbine. This device will work within a frequency range of 60 feet and can extend the lifetime of your turbine motor. No setup – just plug it in! 120v only.


Which Spray Cup is Right for You?

Did you know Fuji Spray® guns are adaptable to 3M™ PPS™ cup systems? Here’s what you need to know in order to spray at any angle your projects may take you.