Storing Your Equipment for the Winter Months

As the year winds down, some finishers who do not have the luxury of a heated shop will store away their paint spraying equipment during the winter. If you’re invested in your tools and your work, take a few minutes to ensure that your equipment is best maintained for the next few months. It’ll guarantee that you save time and money in maintenance down the road, and make sure that come springtime, you’ll be ready to start up a new project as fast as possible.

Proper Storage Will Ensure Your Equipment Operates Well Into the Future

In order to minimize any damage, it’s crucial that your equipment is stored in proper conditions. It’s best to keep your equipment indoors and in a dry space with sufficient heating. While the functionality of the grease inside the turbine motor has a working range between -60°C to 130°C, it’s best to ensure the area you store your turbine does not fall below 0°C. This goes for your HVLP spray gun and its parts and accessories as well. When you’re ready to start your next project come spring, it’ll feel great to see your equipment in the same great condition it is now, and proper storage will ensure that this is the case.

Clean Your System Thoroughly, One Last Time

It’s the least fun part of a project, but now specifically is the time where a thorough clean is so important. Review our guide to cleaning your HVLP spray gun to go over all the important steps to take.

  1. Visually check your equipment for any wear or damage, and wipe it down with a rag as well to remove any dust or environmental debris.
  2. Be sure to clean and dry your spray gun. By using the warm air generated by your turbine, you can air dry all the spray gun small components and internal fluid passages to prevent corrosion from standing water.
  3. Lastly, if there’s any preventative maintenance needed, now’s the time to get it done at an authorized Fuji Spray Service Center so you don’t forget about it down the road!

The season may be over, but you’ve got many more HVLP projects to come in the future. As long as your equipment is stored properly, you’ll be able to tackle your next project with equipment that’s operating at peak performance.