Who’s the Chocolate Doctor?

For over 20 years, Kerry Beal, otherwise known as the Chocolate Doctor, has been perfecting the art of producing and decorating decadent chocolate treats. Her interest in the craft has led her to become a go-to confectionary expert, often sourced by other professionals in the industry to impart her knowledge.

From teaching classes to creating the EZtemper, a cocoa butter seed generator that takes the guesswork out of tempering chocolate products, the Chocolate Doctor grew a hobby into a business. She now spends her time creating treats and teaching the theory behind confectionary (and working as an emergency physician in her spare time). Kerry says professional confectioners are often taught the art, but rarely the theory or the science: “Without the theory, when things go wrong they find they must start all over again rather than fix the problem.”

What’s Kerry’s connection to Fuji Spray?

Kerry uses her natural knack of teaching to help professionals “up their game” in the world of confectionary. Using her entrepreneurial mindset she developed better and more consistent techniques for decorating chocolates using a spray gun. Fuji Spray’s stainless steel gun fluid passages is what first attracted her to the brand, and since then she has fallen in love with the tool and developed better techniques for using it to spray coloured cocoa butter. “There are a variety of things you can do with a spray gun and coloured cocoa butter. If you splatter the cocoa butter and then quickly hit it with an empty spray gun, you get beautiful effects that cause the splatter drops to become little stars.” The Chocolate Doctor has since added the full Fuji Spray system to her set of decorating tools.

Among the many professional confectioners that have reached out to Kerry to inquire about her technique of spraying chocolate is Canadian chocolate manufacturer, Purdys Chocolatier. With minimal overspray and excellent output, she knew a Fuji Spray system would be a great fit for the quantity and quality of product needed by the company. Now, it is their go-to tool when it comes to decorating some of their new chocolates!

What’s next for the Chocolate Doctor?

Since 2008, The Chocolate Doctor has been using her Fuji Spray system to embellish confections. The lack of overspray and vast design versatility is what has made her a supporter of the brand. She continues to use her spray gun to develop new techniques: “Fuji Spray has been wonderful working with me in selecting the best nozzle size, different cup options and various improvements that have allowed me to put together an excellent ‘chocolate package’ that I recommend to others.” Her future endeavours including developing ways to extend the shelf life of chocolate products.

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