It doesn’t quite feel like spring without a project on the go and a Fuji Spray® gun in hand. It’s time to dust off your Fuji Spray® system and get to work! But before you do so, follow these steps to ensure you get the perfect finish from your Fuji Spray® system before you begin your projects for the season:

Cleaning and Inspecting Your Spray Gun

While in storage, your spray gun may have accumulated some dust, so be sure to clean it before use. Review our guide to cleaning your HVLP spray gun to go over all of the detailed steps. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can also check out our YouTube video. But here are the basics: 1. Visually check your equipment for any wear or damage, and wipe it down with a rag to remove any dust or environmental debris. 2. Be sure to clean and dry every part of your spray gun. By using the warm air generated by your turbine, you can blow dry all of the spray gun’s components and passages to prevent corrosion from standing water. Reminder: A thorough cleaning (including the disassembly and reassembly of the spray gun) should be done weekly.

Inspecting and Cleaning Your Turbine Filters

It is also important to check the cleanliness of your turbine filters. Clean filters are critical for peak performance and turbine durability. Dirty filters will reduce the power blown through the system’s motor. Overtime, this may cause the turbine to overheat, reducing the life of the motor. Follow these steps to clean your filters: 1. Unplug your turbine, and remove the filter(s) from the turbine’s filter housing. 2. Use pressurized air to blow out the excess dust and dirt found within the filter housing. 3. Soak the filters in warm water for a few minutes. 4. Rinse out the filters in clean water. 5. Ensure the filters are completely dry before placing them back in the turbine. If the dust and dirt can’t be removed from the filters, it’s time to replace them.

Restocking Your Parts

If you’ve found any damaged parts while cleaning, or if you simply need to restock a few items, visit an authorized Fuji Spray Distributor so you’re not empty-handed mid-job. Whether you’re a hobbyist or in the spray finishing profession, you should always have spare parts and accessories on hand. Here is a checklist to ensure you have everything you need in case an issue comes your way: • Pressure tubes with check valves • Gaskets • Diaphragms (for siphon feed spray guns) • Paint strainers (for siphon feed spray guns) • Filters for your turbine • Spray gun cleaning kit Please visit our Parts and Accessories page for a full, detailed list of everything Fuji Spray® has to offer. If you follow these simple cleaning and maintenance instructions and guidelines, you’ll not only ensure that your Fuji Spray® system will last a long time, but also that it will maintain its incredible performance!