Fallon Ascherman grew up helping her father build and repair boats. “The product was always so rewarding,” she says. “I loved putting on the finishing touches. The work that I do now with my husband really reminds me of being a kid, working with my dad. It brings back great memories!”

Her love for woodworking and DIY projects was part of the reason why she and her husband, Justin Ascherman, created Rustic Grain Designs. With a focus on expertly crafted, rustic-influenced designs, Fallon and Justin have created a new venture that is enriching the woodworking market in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The inspiration

“The DIY movement is here and now,” says Fallon. “Rustic design forgives mistakes; it offers very aesthetically forgiving craftsmanship. However, we do this on an expert level, responding to the design’s popularity and educating the consumers on the value of the pieces.”

Fallon and Justin didn’t want to pinhole themselves into the typical pallet wood furniture limitations that a lot of rustic design companies prescribe to. They can cater to their clients’ needs, especially when it comes to designing and finishing custom pieces, including a recent piece that will be featured in a Tampa Bay showroom.

Achieving the perfect finish

When they first established their business, Fallon said she would happy to do the finish of each product, as long as Justin did the construction. She began with paintbrushes and sponges, but soon after, Justin bought a Fuji Spray system to facilitate the finishing process.

“At first, I was super intimidated,” says Fallon. “I needed to be pushed in order to achieve the perfect finish. I didn’t originally think that I had the skill, but I just jumped in and tried it. Eventually, using a spray system became a lot easier than I anticipated.”

Throughout the process, Fallon felt like it was important to speak to someone who knew everything about the HVLP system she was using. “Jim from Fuji Spray let us know that he was only a phone call away,” she says. “With his guidance, the projects were way easier to finish with the spray systems than they were with paintbrushes. It helped us achieve a better finish overall.”

Women in the woodworking industry

Fallon says that she hasn’t had a lot of pushback in the industry based on being a female business owner. “My mom was part of my dad’s business as I was growing up, so there weren’t a lot of barriers for me, “ she says. “I think it speaks a lot to where society is going. Consumers have been very receptive, and it’s been very helpful to have my family to demonstrate such a great dynamic and business model.”

With women like Fallon at the helm, we look forward to seeing more and more women become a part of the woodworking industry, offering their unique perspectives and creating pieces that can only be described as true works of art.

For high quality, efficient spray systems and finishing solutions, contact Fuji Spray today. We’re always available to help you attain your woodworking goals!