Regardless of what you’re using your HVLP Fuji Spray Gun for, build-up and residue can become a big problem for your paint applications. However, with regular cleaning, your spray gun will always have peak performance, creating a smooth, even application that will make your finished project look immaculate. Cleaning your spray gun after every use will keep it in optimal shape and provide the best possible results for every project. To get started, you’ll need:
  • Solvent (e.g. water, or lacquer thinner)
  • Cleaning buckets (for soaking parts and waste disposal)
  • Rags
  • Cleaning brushes and picks
  • A wrench
  • Spray gun lubricant
  • Safety gloves
  • Rubber gloves
Cleaning process The first thing you need to do is to pour out any remaining material from the cup and clean out the residue with a solvent soaked rag. Once you’ve done this, and have removed the filter at the base of the pick-up tube, follow these steps to get your spray gun back in tip-top shape:
  1. Fill the cup up to the halfway mark with your solvent. Tighten the lid and swirl the solvent around.
  2. Attach your spray gun to the house turbine and spray the solvent out into a waste bucket. Repeat until the solvent runs clean and dump out any residual solvent into the waste bucket.
  3. With a clean rag, wipe out the inside and outside of the cup, including the lid.
  4. Inspect the pressure tube and valve to see if there’s any debris that could dry and obstruct the airflow. If necessary, replace the wearable part and make sure that the nipple attachments are always clean.
  5. Remove the collar, air cap, and needle. To remove the needle, unscrew the fluid control knob and carefully remove the knob. Gently squeeze the trigger to get the needle out.
  6. Use a wrench to remove the fluid nozzle from the front of the spray gun.
Place the fluid nozzle, air cup, and needle into a container filled with solvent. Once the parts are done soaking, use a cleaning brush to remove any remaining debris from the small parts. The needle can either be cleaned with a cleaning brush or a rag. Additional cleaning care  These steps offer an easy, efficient solution to keeping your spray gun clean. Here are some additional cleaning care tips to ensure that your spray gun will always perform at the top of its game:
  • If you have a gravity cup, you don’t need to attach the spray gun to a turbine (Step 2). Instead, unwind the fluid knob at the rear of the gun and let the solvent stream out of the fluid nozzle.
  • Although you can always soak your spray gun parts, you should never soak the entire gun. Doing so could compromise the spray gun’s efficiency.
  • For the T-Model™, remove the air-diffuser, the diffuser seal, and the air divider in addition to the other parts. Allow these parts to soak in solvent for a few minutes.
  • While cleaning small parts, it may be difficult to remove debris stuck in smaller holes. In these cases, a smaller cleaning brush should do the trick. Make sure that all passages in the air horns are clear. Small picks and pipe cleaners can be helpful in cleaning these parts.
  • Avoid using a wire or metal brush to clean your spray gun, as metal can cause damage to the parts.
If you’d like a full demonstration, or are looking for some extra cleaning tips, check out our video on how you can keep your Fuji Spray Gun looking, and performing, good as new!