With the holidays right around the corner, we consulted our expert staff for their top five best Fuji Spray gift ideas under $75. These are their top choices, and why each item would make an ideal gift for the woodworking enthusiast on your list:

1)  Part #2049F – 6ft Whip Hose ($36.25 USD)

Super light and flexible, this hose provides comfort for the user by relieving weight off of the gun, facilitating easy mobility and movement. The lightweight technology offers better maneuverability and decreases user fatigue, creating a multi-facetted tool that allows you to spray all day!

2) Part #3100 –  Fuji Spray Gun Cleaning Kit With Lubricant ($24.75 USD)

This is a must have for the avid 3100 Fuji Spray Gun user. This has all of the necessary pieces to keep your gun clean and in lasting condition, including a lubricant that prevents any moving parts from seizing up. For best results from your spray gun, use with the varying brush sizes for a more detailed application.

3) 1.8 mm Air Cap Set ($50 – $65 USD)

This is an essential set for users who work with latex paint. As an answer to the increasingly popular trend of latex paint in woodworking, the 1.8 mm tip is perfect for high viscosity coatings. Remember to always dilute before application!

4) Part #3072 –  Wireless Turbine Remote ($25.95 USD)

This wireless remote conveniently controls the turbine without having to run back and forth to your turbine. You’re getting enough exercise during the application process – you don’t need the additional stress of running back and forth.

5) Part #9025-3 –  Reusable Paint Strainer (3 pack for $11.90 USD)

Great for filtering debris from all material and making sure you get the best finish possible. This season, you won’t have to spend a fortune to find the perfect gift for your favorite woodworking specialist. For more great gift ideas from Fuji Spray, click here.